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From California to Nashville

In 2020 we moved from the Bay Area to Nashville area. I get asked all the time about the move so I figured we do a quick blog post on it.

Weather: Yes weather is different and sometimes I miss the easy going weather in CA but I am loving having 4 season. The little bit of snow we get in the winter is amazing! Spring and Fall are the best and Summer gets hot but love love love the warm nights where you can walk around in a dress or shorts at 10pm.

Bugs: Yes more bugs in the summer but honestly its less bugs and spiders in the house. In the Winter it is seriously no bugs at all. Also, with more bugs comes more bugs we like like butterflies and ladybugs. Plus, a lot of birds too!

Food: Lot's of amazing food options here including vegan, organic, gluten free. All the same grocery stores like Wholefoods, Sprouts, Trader Joes. My kids do miss Round Table pizza.

Schools: Where we are south of Nashville is Williamson county schools which are top schools in the country. We are very very impressed after being in both the public and private school systems in CA. Also, loving the free school buses and they have an option for breakfast and lunch at school at no cost.

Family Fun: So much to do here with the kids. Great farms to go visit, live music, lots to do like golf, hiking, indoor play areas, fun classes. Everything here is family friendly like going to the vineyard is great and has a bunch of kids running around and having fun. It's so refreshing to see.

Making Friends: The nicest people ever live here. Making friends has been so easy its crazy. I swear after a year here we have more friends here then back in CA. We have some CA friends here some we met here and some that moved too, met friends through the kids, becoming friends with neighbors and even meeting people on social media.

CA Hate: Honestly, I haven't had any hate from locals. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. People usually do want to know why you move and always hope its for the right reasons which I understand.

Real Estate: Guys the homes here are amazing. So pretty and large. Once you are around the Nashville homes and then you go back to CA the homes in CA look so small and old. Also, people really care for their homes here with really pretty curb appeal.

Outdoor Activities: Lots to do here from hikes, waterfalls, lakes, golf, walking trails, fishing, lots of cute farmers to visit, outdoor concerts, cute outdoor shopping areas, etc. January and February get cold and August is very hot but we try to get out as much as we can.

I also get the question what do we miss about CA. I miss being close to Hawaii, maybe a little bit I miss the ocean but that's it really. We for sure do not miss the traffic. Loving life in Nashville.

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