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Business Coaching + Instagram Marketing

Sara Weymouth
BS in Business Marketing & Owner of Lemon Gift Shop

About Me

I am a wife and mother of 3 sweet boys. After getting my degree from California State University, Sacramento in Business Marketing and working in corporate America for 10 years I left to launch my own business, Lemon. Lemon is a gift shop in California. After years of running and growing my business and then moving my family to Nashville, I am excited to be able to help others learn, grow and dig deeper in their passions. 

I do both business and personal coaching as well as Instagram management. 


Fun Facts: I love a good podcast, take me anywhere there is sun and ocean and I love to organize. 

Keyboard and Mouse

The Blog



Business Coaching

Start a business, grow a business, branding/marketing, hiring a dream team, business finances, how to make a business plan. Everything you need to run and expand your business to hit all your business goals.

Life Coaching

Working through life's ups and downs. Marriage, parenthood, dating, career, home life, health, fitness and everything in between. Working towards all of your life goals to get you to live your best life now. Because you only live once.

Time Management

Breaking down the do's & don't to time management to make your days count. How to plan each day and hit your goals one step at a time without getting burnt out. 

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